FELINE cats - Bagpuss

BagpussBagpuss (aka Baggie) is ten years old and is on his third set of owners. He owes his current home to his brother Pilkington (Pilkie) who was cheeky enough to start 'looking around' when his previous owners got a dog. And where Pilkie leads, Baggie follows!

He still visits his previous owners from time to time, just to show there are no hard feelings.

Like most cats, Baggie specialises in loafing around and sleeping, and his present accommodation offers a number of promising venues for these activities:- a greenhouse, a summer house, a sun porch, a timber store... and plenty of radiators.

Pilkie and Baggie are almost inseparable, and are so alike that we had to check very carefully to make sure we'd photographed the right one!

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