FELINE cats - Betsy

Betsy Betsy is a cat with an identity crisis. She adopted her present owner about 2 years ago, convincing her she was a refugee from far away. She named her Lucy. It was a long time before her owner discovered, quite by chance, that 'Lucy' had simply moved from further down the street, where she had been known as Betsy. Her owner had always had a dog before, but is getting used to the ways of cats...

Betsy can be timid at times, and tends to be frightened of young children. But she's quite astute, and knows what she wants. The picture above shows her curled up on her favourite dining room chair. (Actually, they're all her favourites, so you have to look carefully before you sit down!)

She is a cat of simple tastes. She likes most varieties of cat-food, and though she has a number of toys, she prefers to play with apron strings and old toilet rolls.

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