FELINE cats - Chapi

Chapi as a kitten
Chapi as a kitten, practising his arias
Chapi on TV
Looking for the mouse pointer on the wrong screen
Chapi is a Bulgarian cat, who lives in Montana, in the north-east of Bulgaria.

He was born in July 2007, but his owners thought he was a girl, and called him Nancy. As it turns out... he's a boy. Whether the little mix-up has anything to do with his interesting line in falsetto singing, we don't know.

Some cats sing for their supper... this one sings to his supper. Eating is punctuated by lines from an operatic aria - he does a good impression of a frustrated opera diva, and could sound even better if he didn't sing with his mouth full. (We're still trying to identify the opera - it may be an obscure work by the well known Italian opera composer Giacomo Pussini.)

Despite the operatic career which no doubt awaits, Chapi doesn't let anything interfere with eating and sleeping. He also likes to stake out the bird house. (Oh alright, if the truth be told, he likes to sleep underneath it. He doesn't chase mice either - just the mouse pointer on the computer screen.)

Other spare moments are spent rummaging in the wardrobes. His owners think he is looking for socks to play with, but it's more likely that he's looking for his costume for his next opera performance... or for something to impress his girlfriend - the yellow cat next door.

There is a short video of a youthful Chapi singing to his supper at vbox7.com/play:8c416e04

Chris Iliev and Martin Brasier

Chapi, striking a pose

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