FELINE cats - Chara B
(The B is short for 'baby')

Chara B Yes, well, sometimes owners can be embarrassing! As you see, my name is Chara and I was born December 1987 in Sydney, Australia. However, since my owner moved to Canberra in 1992, that is where I now live.

As I'm part Persian, I do need to be groomed, but find it quite annoying sometimes.

Life here is pretty good. We get two meals a day - more if you can get to the dog's food before they see you - chicken wings usually and some dry food. Mind you, if I can get some chocolate, that really makes my day.

Despite my age, I think I would make a good addition to Spooky's team. (All contract offers should be sent via my agent... oops, owner.) I love playing with balls, paper, dogs... And I love boxes - any shape or size. You should see Micah or Muffin when I surprise them by hitting them with my paw and then disappearing back in the box!

I'm quite affectionate and love to curl up in someone's lap. If they're lucky, they get a kiss from me too. I'm very sociable - I love talking to my owner, particularly when she is hanging clothes on the clothes line, or preparing meals.

Of course, from time to time it becomes necessary to show the cat next door just who's boss, but life down under is pretty good.

In memorium: Chara B went to sleep for the last time on 27th March 2007.

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Text and photograph by Lynette Aungiers

© Martin Brasier, Melchior ET, 2000