FELINE cats - Emma

EmmaEmma was chosen by her owner from a litter of kittens. She wasn't the 'first choice', but she was very attentive and affectionate, and eager to be chosen... so she was. And she hasn't changed much. Sit down anywhere near where Emma is, and you will find yourself sat upon, or perhaps head-butted in an effort to seek attention. Emma is the archetypal lap-cat (but strangely enough, she will only leap on you from the left-hand side).

She is used to travelling, and has a special car harness arrangement so she can move around the car (but not reach the driver). The harness is difficult to see at any distance, and casual observers are sometimes surprised to see an apparently untethered cat wandering round a moving car.

Like many cats, Emma is a bit fussy about what she eats and drinks. In particular, she doesn't drink milk, unless she can steal it from another cat's saucer. Apart from that, Emma is a well behaved cat: she comes when she is called (most of the time...), and doesn't rumple papers in her owner's home-office.

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