FELINE cats - Gingernut

GingernutSome people think Gingernut is a gormless cat. Others think she's very astute. She may behave very oddly, but any cat that gets fresh fish every day can't be all daft.

She was the kitten that was left when homes were found for the rest of her litter (some 11 years ago). She was called Gingernut because of her colouring.

Most cats are "self righting", but not Gingernut. If she falls, she lands on her head! This isn't her only strategy for being accident-prone: she runs into walls from time to time, and occasionally falls asleep in the middle of the road.

Unfortunately, she dislocated her shoulder after a road accident, and despite the vet's best efforts, she has a slight limp now. Oddly enough, she was fairly short-haired before the accident, but her fur grew longer afterwards!

She is a very affectionate "lap cat", and likes to be groomed. (She has a splendid tail.) Happiness is a lap to sit on and a piece of fish...

Amongst her other peculiarities are a fondness for snow, and sitting out in the rain.

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