FELINE cats - Gittums

GittumsGittums now lives in the same house as Gingernut, but used to live up the road. His owner died, and he didn't settle with the person who took over looking after him.

He developed a liking for Gingernut's fish, and after causing some initial consternation was eventually adopted by his present owners. The other cats in the house still don't like him much, though. (They haven't forgiven him for stealing Gingernut's fish!)

He was a mute cat, but has now re-discovered his voice. Gittums is very affectionate, and is good with children. He is, however, a very serious cat:- he never plays games.

Gittums has a very long tail - in fact he can't lift it clear of the ground very well. This means that if the grass is wet, so is his tail...

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