Harry the FELINE cat

Harry The original FELINE database had a Viewdata/Teletext style front page, where the user chose which category they wanted. Having chosen the name "FELINE", I tried to draw a front page with some sort of cat-like image, but it didn't work. The graphical resolution available simply wasn't sufficient.

The font for the FELINE title (with the special letter N) was designed like that to avoid using a diagonal line. The stepped graphics of a single diagonal in the title would not have looked pleasing to the eye.

The graphics facilities on the World Wide Web are of course far superior to teletext block graphics: we can now use a picture of a real cat. The one shown here is called Harry - he was the first cat to be featured when FELINE moved to CampusWorld. His main hobbies are sleeping, eating, and tap-dancing on keyboards.

Harry the editor's assistant Harry also helps with editing the news-streams for CampusWorld / Tees Valley Educational Computing Centre Newspaper Days. Click on the thumbnail to see the full picture.
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