FELINE cats - Henry

Henry was the largest cat in his litter, and wasn't terribly agile. Indeed, he was something of a 'fat cat', and his owners thought of calling him 'Cedric'.* Eventually they settled on 'Henry' instead. Henry is nearly a year old now, and it wouldn't be kind or fair to call him fat now. He doesn't fall off whilst trying to climb onto the sofa any more, either.

Henry's favourite hobby is chasing things. He'll chase almost anything - a light beam, a feather duster... but his favourite prey is crumpled paper. You only have to tear a sheet of paper off a notepad and Henry is there, waiting for you to roll it into a ball for him to play with.

HenryHenry isn't a fussy eater, and will eat almost anything. Sit down to unwrap a bar of chocolate and he'll be on your lap in a flash. He's not interested in the chocolate, of course: he wants you to roll up the wrapper for him to chase. He dribbles the ball very well, and is probably quicker than Michael Owen. As far as we know Henry hasn't been signed up by Spooky's team yet.

* For the benefit of readers from outside the UK... Cedric Brown, erstwhile chairman of British Gas, was one of a number of people who received large salary increases as a result of privatisation, and was known as a 'fat cat' in the press and on TV.

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