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Kizi Kizi (also known as Tubs) is Smudge's mum, and is just a year or so older.

No-one knows why her name is Kizi. Most people who have met her have a fair idea why she's called Tubs, though. She eats about 10 times a day, and takes every meal like it might be the last one she ever sees. Her favourite food is fish and cream, though she's not too fussy - she'll even drink semi-skimmed milk!

Kizi is an unadventurous cat: while other cats go outdoors to take their exercise, she will run round and round the bath. But apart from the dreadful noise this makes, she's a fairly quiet creature. She likes to be first for almost everything (especially meals) and sometimes has to be restrained from eating Smudge's food too. When she isn't first - when someone else is in her favourite chair, for example - she'll simply keep edging them out until she has it all to herself. Kizi
Kizi in her travel box!

One thing Kizi is never first for is a fight. Whenever danger threatens, she exercises parental control over Smudge, sending her out in front, and hiding behind her!

Kizi is a keen footballer, but doesn't have as much energy as she used to. Rumour has it that she may appear on the substitutes' bench for Spooky's team soon.

Summer 2005: We are indebted to Unnur Maria Bergsveinsdottir, from Iceland, for the following:- Kizi (or actually Kisi, but in Icelandic s and z is the same sound) is Icelandic for Cat. It's an affectionate term. So, my theory is that Kizi probably speaks Icelandic, found the name fitting and whispered it into her owners' ears one night.

Kizi lends her name to the Melchior server at www.kizi.co.uk

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