FELINE cats - Micah

Micah G'day, I'm Micah and I was born in Sydney, Australia in November 1990. And like Chara, I now live in Canberra.

My favourite thing at meal times is to see how much of Chara and Muffin's food I can eat before they (or my owner) notice. Do you know, she calls me a 'bottomless pit'? I'm not the one who's keen on chocolate. Pasta is pretty good though.

I don't like strangers, so I go and hide... forget that I'm hiding and go to sleep. Then there is a panic to see where I am. Got some good hiding spots I have - usually behind furniture or on the dining room chairs (because the table cloth hides me).

Like Chara, I enjoy playing in boxes. I don't play football as well as he does, but I'm great at chasing my tail. I get so carried away sometimes, I fall over or bump into something.

I'm also affectionate and love rubbing on my owner's hair before I settle down in her lap. Have to push Chara off sometimes, but usually we share the lap together.*

I help Chara show the cat next door who's boss, by hiding in the garden and leaping out at him in a flying tackle when he least expects it - good fun! Oh yes, life is very good down under.

* Of course, if I fail, there's always the couch and cushions!

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Text and photograph by Lynette Aungiers

© Martin Brasier, Melchior ET, 2000