FELINE cats - Muscade

As it happens, I came across this card Muscade left on a chair whilst finishing off his breakfast (at noon, would you believe); I am reproducing verbatim, and, I hasten to say, without his knowledge. Muscade

“I have come to terms with this sentimental streak in my make up. Obviously, there is no place for it in the long grass, the Leyland cypress or farm yard next door. Yet when it comes to the giants who share my house, I am a bit of a softie.

Some of them are particularly wayward, that is to say, they go off on rambles, or at least I guess that's what they are doing. Sometimes they stay away two or more weeks and seem to need a great deal of TLC on their return.
Muscade It doesn't do much for my image, but I usually make a fuss of them for a few days. And to be fair, the other kids and folks "on the block", i.e. my brother Felix, sister Princesse, Jupette & Thom (the dogs) and most of the calves, cows and bulls on our patch see me as a pretty cool character because the giants introduced me to the English language at two months.
And there's no doubt, while only one of the giants can speak much French, being bi-lingual has its advantages when people are trying to sort out their curious ways (and between you and me, though undeniably well-intentioned, they aren't too bright).

Anyway, enough of that, the sun's going down and it's time for me to move on and get the most out of our local's 'happy hour for delinquents'.

A très bientôt.


Muscade lends his name to the Melchior server at www.muscade.co.uk

Text by Ivor Widdison; photographs by Diana Lazenby

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