FELINE cats - Nimbus

Nimbus Nimbus is the name. My current owners fetched me from the RSPCA when I was 8 months old. Wound them in on a piece of string. Purred my heart out and looked cute. One of them sat for three hours in reception until they'd let her adopt me.

I was called Timmy then. Can you believe it? Fearsome, huh? Anyway, my new owners already had two cats named after sweets (Fudge and Treacle) but they couldn't think of a grey sweet so they named me after a rain cloud. Apparently I'm the colour of Cumulo Nimbus and I purr like thunder. So Nimbus it was. (I suppose Nimmy sounds a bit like Timmy...)

My owners think I'm an aristocat - Russian Blue - but I had a tough upbringing. I ended up at the RSPCA because the dog next door kept chasing me. I got quite ill and stopped eating for a while, but I've fallen on my feet now. I've got a huge garden, and two "brothers" to play with - Fudge and Shadow. (Shadow is the "new kid" who arrived after Treacle died.) I get to sleep anywhere in the house. Yes, anywhere, really - especially the fresh laundry pile. In the summer I catch butterflies and in the winter I sleep. And purr a lot, of course.

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Text and photograph by Alison Duckers

© Martin Brasier, Melchior ET, 2000