FELINE cats - Phoebe

Phoebe Phoebe is a black and white cat with a sunny disposition and sharp claws! After an early life about which little is known, she now lives in splendour in Orpington.

She has quickly established dominance over the local neighbourhood, notwithstanding the dog next door, and has been known to have discussions with foxes. As befits the household, she has developed a keen interest in music, although has yet to fully appreciate the subtleties of viola playing.*

Her other interests include DIY (wallpaper removal) and sitting on newspapers (which are being read at the time). She is currently carrying out research into the nature of drips from taps (by chasing them round the bath)!
When outdoors, there's nothing she likes more than hiding in the long grass, so gets slightly confused after the first lawn-cutting of the year. On long hot summer days she likes to spend time sunbathing in the apple tree, from where she can survey her domain.

*Liesel Stanbridge plays the viola (and many other instruments besides).

Text and photographs by Nick Stanbridge

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