FELINE cats - Tarzan


Tarzan is seven years old now. He is an all ginger cat who came to his owners in 1991 as a small kitten, and he got his name from his unusual agility. They were pondering over the right name for him when he was spotted swinging from the top of his cat-scratching post by one paw, so you could say he named himself!

He is a most skilful feline athlete. He can walk along the top of the narrowest fence without the least sign of effort, and where other cats stumble and sway, Tarzan strides on as if he were walking the widest pavement. He can also leap onto the top of the big wardrobe in his owners' bedroom. He loves to sleep up there, on top of an old suitcase, out of the way and undisturbed. He also likes to sleep on beds, armchairs, stools and (especially) freshly ironed clothes...

Tarzan can be a bit of a lap cat, if he's in the mood. But if he's interrupted when he's not in the mood, he can be thoroughly bad tempered. His claws are very sharp and he can move like lightning when he wants to. For all that, he's a very loving and lovable cat, the second in a household of seven (big black Jasper is the "Head Lad") and his owners are very fond of him.

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Text and photograph by Roy Brown

Martin Brasier, Melchior ET, 1998