FELINE cats - William

WilliamWilliam is a rare pink Siamese cat with manic tendencies. Or, to quote a member of his owners' family, "Sometimes dogs and their owners look alike. William resembles his owners in temperament - he's quite simply 'bonkers'!"

His favourite food seems to be anything that is put in front of him. There is a particular delicacy he favours, however... wallpaper. The main living room has been totally given over to William, in fact some might say that William is just being a kind hearted soul by letting his owners inhabit his home.

He likes to be the centre of attention and if you don't pay him enough homage then he will treat you to a mad dash around the room until you stop him. He leaps across all the ornaments at high speed and stops occasionally to look directly at you, to see if you are paying him attention. If you aren't, he will carry on. If you are, he will march promptly to his chair. (Woe betide anyone who sits in William's chair...)

He really doesn't appreciate being left out, especially when the family goes on holiday. This year he went on holiday to the Peak District of Derbyshire in the back of a Ford Fiesta with all the family, which includes a huge Burnese Mountain dog (whom William takes great pleasure in teasing, despite the fact that 'Bess' will often sit on him). The picture shows William sitting in a suitcase watching the frenzied activity of packing going on all around him.

Despite his demanding character, he is a much loved part of his owners' family - even if they are all truly 'bonkers'!

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Text and photograph by Andrew Elliott

© Martin Brasier, Melchior ET, 1997