Rather than show a narrow list of the things we're working on at the moment, we thought we'd give a broader and more rounded picture of Melchior's work by including a selection of past and long-standing projects. We've divided these up into sections, but there is inevitably some overlap between History in the making, Children and education and Church and charity projects.

It doesn't cover the whole story. In our early days we were also a VAR (value-added reseller) of communications equipment and software, and ran a helpline which supported several thousand schools. We ran our own online subscription service for educational resources for over 20 years.

But it's more than a snapshot.

If you just want to see some sample current sites, here are a few links:-

Assemblies logo
Lazerlamps logo
USPG logo
  • USPG - www.uspg.org.uk - recently rebranded and re-skinned, this runs on a Melchior CMS (Content Management System) with a number of tailor-made modules providing the exact functionality required.

Mision Theology logo
  • Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion - www.missiontheologyanglican.org - a small site which started life as a one page site for email newsletter registration... grew to disseminate articles and papers... and continued to add new sections and functionality. All with Melchior CMS modules.

 (List last updated: Jan 2017)