FELINE cats - Oliver

This is a story written by Gemma Blackburn of Redgate CP School, Sefton, during a Newspaper Day in March 1996, after an email request for information about Harry the FELINE cat.

The Cats' Tale


The two partners in
crime are both cats.
One is called Oliver
and the other is
called Harry. Oliver
has been trying to
follow Lee Jamieson
into school. We think
he wants to stop Lee
Jamieson from
getting into trouble.
He has been getting
closer and closer to
the school door. One
day this week he
came into the
classroom and went
under some tables
then Miss Lea chased
him outside, but
afterwards by
accident he was let
in. He ran up the
corridor and he
nearly went into the
library but Lianne and
Lee Fazal tried to
catch him. Lianne
picked him up then
Oliver jumped out of
her hands and ran to
the door. Lianne
picked him up then
and put him outside.
Oliver is an expert at
opening doors. He is
3 years old. Harry is
very much like Oliver,
he comes into Martin
Brasier's office nearly
every day. He likes
to jump onto
computers squawking
as he jumps. "I think
it means
'GERONIMO!'" says
Martin "but in a cats
version!" The first
time he sat on the
computer he sat on
the hot air vents and
he was sad when he
had to come off, so
they got coat
hangers so that the
whole of the air
vents were not
covered up and also
to stop Harry from
falling off.

By Gemma Blackburn

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