FELINE cats - Poppy

Poppy Poppy is the head cat - the eldest and the biggest - in a four cat household which also includes Teazel. Poppy is a pedigree cat, the first to grace these pages since Nimbus (probably). She is a blue British Shorthair, a large, well-built cat, and very strong: a natural leader.

As head of the household, Poppy thinks it's important to spend plenty of time indoors, in a supervisory rôle, of course. But she doesn't loaf around on people's laps, or anything like that. In fact, she's so big, she can't sit on people's laps, because she gets too hot.

She is such a diligent supervisor, she has an unfortunate tendency to micro-manage the human inhabitants of the house. This habit of following them around all the time can be mistaken for great loyalty, an impression which she does nothing to discourage, as good impressions can, she thinks, lead to rewards... more playtime, perhaps (she likes to play) or more food (she'll eat anything). Who knows?

Another reason she supervises people closely is to make sure that none of her housemates are getting more attention than her, for Poppy is a jealous cat, and will not be pleased if she feels she is being upstaged.

(Photographer's note: Yes, Poppy likes to play. She was so keen to chase the camera strap that it took 30 shots just to get these two...)


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