The work we do

Web and database development

Bespoke database design, development and implementation, bespoke and custom websites...
We build from scratch, or assist with the tricky bits when you're doing it yourself and run out of plugins. Or help you out if you get stuck with a problem you can't fix.  (It's OK if you work as a web developer too - we can keep secrets.)

Complete website solutions

Analysis, project management, team management... Design, development, implementation, optimisation, training in how to get the best from what we create...


Webskein is our church website system: an off-the shelf version of the Melchior Content Management System, designed specifically for smaller local churches whose vision is to serve God in their local communities. It aims to provide everything you need without creating unnecessary extra work.

And it's all about what the web is good at:- sharing, using resources provided by others, and making the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

And as various clients have found, it also works perfectly well for community and small business websites too.

Find out more at the Webskein site...


OneGoose is a Microsite / One Page Websites version of Webskein. If you need a small, simple, search engine-friendly site... perhaps for freelance activities, or a club you belong to... take a look at our OneGoose website builder, which is intended to meet that need in a simple and straightforward way.

Maintenance and support

If we wrote it, we stick with it. A lot of our clients are long-standing, and the work we do is capable of lasting a long time, too.

Miscellaneous services

If you already have a website and you want to keep it, either because you like it, or for reasons of economy, you might need help with:-

  • Copy editing and checking

It's good to tighten up your prose, and make it more succinct. We can also proofread:- highly recommended if you're not sure where apostrophes go, or you're not confident about the quality or style of your written English.

  • Data research

If you want to provide authoritative, quality links on your site, Google is not the answer, but proper research is. We have plenty of experience of this kind of work.

  • Mobile retrofits

If you still have a website that doesn't work on mobile phones, and you don't want to completely replace it... we have retrofitted mobile device compatibility to a number of sites.