About Melchior

Melchior has been specialising in the use of online media since 1991. We were creating dynamic, innovative, interactive online applications before the Web was invented. So we have a lot of experience to draw on. 

For a long time, there were two Melchior companies:-

  • Melchior Obbligato Limited, which dealt with the management of Webskein (our website kit aimed primarily at small churches, charities and clubs), and also with commercial clients;
  • Melchior Telematics, which dealt with projects and other development work.

and if you go back far enough, there was a third:-

  • Melchior Educational Technologies, our training company.


But as of January 2022, we have simplified things!

All our work has been drawn together, in Melchior Online Limited.


In more recent years, as the Web has evolved, we have tended to specialise more in web development, often working with our design partner Actis Media on larger website projects, to provide our clients with a complete solution.