About this website

This is the 4th version of the Melchior website, created in 2014/7.

That is... we first thought about revising it in 2014, had some ideas, made some notes, put them to one side, got busy with loads of other things, and then went back to it and threw the thing together in a single evening in January 2017.

That's how it is with web developers' own websites. The 3rd edition (2005/6) was written one evening in a hotel room in Wells (Somerset, UK), thus making good use of spare time on a two-day visit to a client. 

The 2nd edition was made in 2001, and the original four page site was set up in 1995, when it occurred to us that it would be nice to be able to make links to a site of our own from the author credits we were offered on other sites we'd built.

Melchior's own websites tend to be revised infrequently, hastily, and with long periods of 'waiting to be finished', because we are too busy with proper work.

This time we have, as the vulgar colloquialism goes, "eaten our own dog food". This site is an instance of Webskein, the off-the-shelf version of our CMS designed primarily for use by charitable and church groups.

Martin Brasier, January 2017.