Citizenship Foundation

The Citizenship Foundation is an independent charity which aims to empower individuals to engage in the wider community through education about the law, democracy and society. The Foundation's focus is on developing young people's citizenship skills, knowledge and understanding, and as of 2018 it began using the new branding "Young Citizens".

We have worked with the Foundation since their very first HTML website back in the 1990s, and in late 1999 we began work together on specifying a Content Management System tailored to the Foundation's particular requirements and needs, which we duly built early in the new millennium. The system stood the test of time, having many new features, facilities and modules added over its lifetime to meet the needs of different projects as the Foundation's work grew. It was also periodically "re-skinned" to give it a new fresh look (the last of which is shown here). It was finally retired in 2018.


The Foundation has operated and managed many sites over its history, and we have always been on hand to help as much or as little as required, with hosting and server management, Wordpress implementations, troubleshooting sites inherited from other projects, and of course with design and development work.