In 1998 Melchior began work on a project called theREsite, which was supported by SPCK and the Culham College Institute and managed by former HMI Tony Parfitt. Its objective was to draw together all that was good and useful to teaching and learning in RE, and present it in the best possible ways for teacher use and for independent learning.

We were the designers, technical architects and knowledge managers of that site. Through the first decade of the millennium we continued to develop those ideas and concepts, along with a wide range of our own content, which made REonline (as it became) and its family of associated sites widely acclaimed, and truly 'your starting point for RE on the web' during that period.

We feature here some screenshots which recall a little of that history.

We developed different content and presentations for different Key Stages, but with REonline for Infants we developed a completely self-contained site of age-appropriate material presented in an engaging way.